Public Safety Dispatch Center

The Holbrook Public Safety building house's a combined Police and Fire Department Dispatch Center. It is staffed by a Police Officer and a Fire Department Dispatcher. Both work independently of one another, and handle all phone and radio communications for their respective departments. They also will assist with the duties of one another when one is tied up or multiple calls are incoming.

This page deals with the Fire Department side of the Dispatch Center.

Holbrook Fire Alarm

Communications Center  

The Holbrook Public Safety Communications Center is a state of the art Communications Center and is responsible for processing all requests for emergency and fire and medical assistance received through the 911 system, to the Towns of Holbrook, Sharon, and Abington Fire Departments. EMD Dispatch to the town of Whitman Fire Department, and Police Communications to the Town of Holbrook. Providing pre-arrival assistance to callers, and dispatching appropriate response units. The Communication center is also responsible for the management of the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) geographic file database.

The center is staffed with emergency medical dispatchers (EMD) and emergency fire dispatchers (EFD), with eight full-time dispatchers, three part-time dispatchers and one Communications Director.

All personnel are APCO certified emergency medical dispatchers and undergo continuing education on the EMD system.

The Holbrook Public Safety Communications Center was one of the first to receive the MCSA Communications center award for excellence.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

The CAD system provides department dispatchers with fire and EMS unit configuration recommendations, unit status, and incident tracking for all emergency incidents. Since its installation, the CAD system has proven to be a powerful tool in effectively managing department resources and emergency personnel.  

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The Holbrook Public Safety Communications Center is also the fire district control point for Norfolk County. All requests for mutual aid and other resources are handled though Holbrook Public Safety Communications Center.