Holbrook Fire Department Apparatus


PSB.JPG (438801 bytes)  Public Safety Building. 300 S. Franklin St. Opened September 2005.


Holbrook Engine 1.jpg (118725 bytes)Engine 1. 2010 E-One Four man cab and is used as a Front Line E engine. Purchased New in 2010.


E2.JPG (37337 bytes)Engine 2. 1995 Sentry  E-One 1250gpm Hale Pumper, with a 500 gallon tank. It is used as a Backup piece.    It carries a Thermal Imaging Camera, Defib. and HRT Rescue Tool, and Air Bags.

E3 Congo.JPG (133560 bytes)Engine 3. 2004 E-One custom Typhoon Pumper. The aluminum cab seats 4, and is powered by aCummins ILC 330hp engine with an Allison EVS3000 transmission. It has a Hale Q-Max 150-21 pump rated @ 1500gpm, and carries 750 gallons of water. It is also equipped with an on board foam proportioner With a 30gal foam storage tank, an Elkhart Stinger Deck Gun and a 6000 watt hydraulic generator. It is used as a Mutual Aid Engine & backup Engine, it handles all mutual aid calls. It carries a Thermal Imaging Camera, Defib. and HRT Rescue Tool. It is also licensed,  as a Rescue Pumper\ALS Engine.

L1 Town Hall.JPG (191083 bytes)Ladder 1. L1  is a Sentry by E-One 75' Aerial Quint. It has a1500gpm Hale Pump, and carries 500 gallons of water. 

S1 High tensions.JPG (279047 bytes)Squad 1. 1995 Ford F350 4x4 Mini Pumper. With a Defender IIISB Drop In Unit. 225 gal tank, 18HP Honda Motor w/Scotty Foam System It is used primarily as a brush truck, and detail vehicle.

C2.JPG (270980 bytes)Car 2. 2006 Ford F350 4x4 Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel. Used by the Officer on Duty, (Lieutenant), to perform inspections and conduct the daily operations of the Department.


A1.JPG (294910 bytes)Rescue 1. 2008 Road Rescue Class 1 ALS Ambulance. It operates as a Primary Ambulance.

r2.jpg (116836 bytes)Rescue 2. 2004 Chevy Road Rescue  Class 1 ALS Ambulance. It is used as a Second Ambulance.


C1 2005.JPG (146894 bytes)Car 1. 2005 Crown Victoria. Used by the Chief of Department.


 Special_Hazards_Trailer.JPG (554268 bytes) Special Hazards Trailer