Fee Schedule

Make all checks payable to the Town of Holbrook

Fire Reports $10        Ambulance Reports $10       

Acetylene & Oxygen Permit $25        Flammable Fluids Storage $25       

Oil Truck Inspections $25/Truck

Black Powder Storage $25    Smoke Detector Cert. $25    Oil Burner Permit $25

Tank Removal Permit $25/Tank        Blasting Permit $25

Fire Alarm (yearly) $100        Fire Alarm Tie-in $150


CO/Smoke Detector Inspection Permits 

                        $50     any single dwelling or single family dwelling unit

                        $100   any 2 (two) Family Dwelling

    $150   any building or structure with 3 to 6 residential units

                        $500   any building or structure with more than 6(six) units