Fire\Rescue Photo's

Head on MVA S Franklin St 9/12/2009

123 Pleasant St. Fire Video

Danvers Explosion


82 mill st_2.jpg (153403 bytes) 82 Mill Street in Randolph. Holbrook Fire Gr. 1 supplying mutual aid..82 mill st_1.jpg (157387 bytes)

82 mill st_3.jpg (152749 bytes) 82 mill st_4.jpg (70698 bytes)


909 S. Franklin St. 3 alarm Fire in sub-zero temperatures.

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Ice Sculpture_1.jpg (42872 bytes) 

Group 3 members working on Tree Worker who fell apprx. 30' out of a bucket truck. The worker survived his fall. Click on picture for more photo's.


6/27/02, Belcher St Fire 2nd Alarm plus additional Engine. Click on image for additional photo's.


menonladder.jpg (42549 bytes)Holbrook Fire Fighter's Lt Keeman, Luke McFadden, and Robert DiBona operate off Abington L1 at a General Alarm fire.


gs.jpg (604368 bytes)GS2.jpg (445497 bytes)334 N. Franklin St. Crews had just returned from a 2nd Alarm Fire when they received a call from the Police of a Working Fire @ Holbrook Sunoco. This came in to the Police Dispatch Center as a E-911 Hang-up. A cruiser was sent to investigate and found the fire. The fire was started by careless disposal of smoking materials. A worker was soaking tools in a pail of gasoline when he accidentally flicked a cigarette into the pail. Then sprayed the flaming pail with an extinguisher, spreading burning gasoline throughout the shop. Damage was estimated @ $50,000. 


375 S Franklin.JPG (30815 bytes)375 S Franklin St. While apparatus were picking up at another Structure Fire, Fire Alarm received a call from the police reporting a working fire at this address. The cause of this fire was determined to be drug related. The occupants were smoking crack in the attic, when they set a mattress on fire, and then ran from the property. They were found sleeping in the Barn across the street.

4 spring.JPG (30004 bytes)4 Spring St. Fire Alarm received this call from a Fire Alarm box located across the street. First arriving companies reported heavy fire showing from the rear of the property. The cause was determined to be food left on the stove. The occupants were awakened by the smoke detectors, and were able to exit on their own. 

36a s franklin.JPG (30582 bytes)36A S Franklin St. This was the second 2 alarm fire at this business. This was a furniture refinishing company. The fire started in a stripping booth, and quickly spread the Structure. The building was saved for the second time with heavy fire damage to the basement floor, and 3rd floor, and smoke and water damage throughout. It also housed a printing company. The Furniture Company has since moved to a 1 story brick building in town.

box 71.JPG (37340 bytes)Avon Custom Sole Co. This company is one of the few rubber manufactures left in the country. This factory encompasses 2 blocks. This fire was received by the Master Box, which was pulled from the street. The fire tripped 6 Sprinkler heads. The fire was contained to a 3 story elevator shaft & penthouse.

andy's.jpg (28393 bytes)Andy's Auto. This fire was reported by a delivery driver who stopped at Station 1 approx. 1.5 miles away from the fire. A 2nd Alarm was struck. Cause of the fire was determined to be a defective overhead gas heater

DSC00013.jpg (77122 bytes)Train vs. Tractor Trailer. This driver decided to park his Loaded rig across the Commuter Rail Tracks while he went to ask for directions. Fortunately the train was traveling forward and hit the trailer with the Engine. No injuries happened as a result of this accident.

Commuter Train Crash