This page will contain photo's of  Holbrook Fire from the 1800's to late 1980's. If you have any old photo's from this time period, we would love to hear from you.

p9xx Holbrook Fire Department Zoomed.jpg (10672521 bytes) 

Holbrook Fire Members 1905 


avonhs.jpg (43192 bytes) We believe this picture was taken around 1955. Holbrook Firefighters from left to right Donald Austin, Carl Brown, Joe Minnigan, & C.B. Smith.Operating at the Avon High School fire. 


pict0002.jpg (50511 bytes)Holbrook Firefighters operating at a Fire in Randolph, 1959.

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Holbrook Firefighters operating at a Fire in Randolph Center, unknown year.



SQUARE1960.JPG (68706 bytes)Christmas Parade in Holbrook Square in 1960. Police Officer is Joe Minigan. Driving the Seagrave Pumper is Al Woodman, Pasenger George Austin, back of Engine facing is  Don Austin Sr. Back to camera is Emory Nelson.


BOSTON1963.JPG (92353 bytes) Holbrook Fire Department participating in the Fire Prevention Parade in Boston, October 1963. Right side of Engine is Charles Smith.Left side of Engine is Don Austin Sr. The driver is Gerard Blais.



Sta 2.jpg (234166 bytes)

The Old Station 2, formerly known as the Brookville Station. This building was used until 1971, when it was torn down to make room for the current temporary Station.


55 water.jpg (394588 bytes)1958, 55 Water Street. 1 fatality.55 Water2.jpg (436560 bytes)

Rollover.jpg (391026 bytes)

This picture is from the mid 1980's. The accident is believed to have occurred on Union Street opposite Union Cemetary. Note the tall long haired teenager to the far right. He is presently a Lieutenant in Charge of Group 2 on the Holbrook Fire Departmentt, (Luke McFadden).



Holbrook Manor2.jpg (277295 bytes)

Holbrook Manor.jpg (523849 bytes) 1-26-1954, Holbrook Manor Night Club. 2nd Alarm Fire, with 1 fatality Firefighters E. Brown, S. McKay, and W. Ernest operating a 2 1/2 handline. 



Rindone St.jpg (600226 bytes)Rindone 2.jpg (410491 bytes)These two photo's are, of a MVA in the Revere Acres section of Holbrook, on Rindone St. Circa 1961. Note The old ladder truck, which was replaced 2 years later, and that 75 "Maxim stayed in service until 1997.


Pine St 1984.jpg (757925 bytes)This photo was taken in 1985, of a car into a house @ 355 Pine St. From left to right are FF\EMT Donald Austin Jr., (currently Lt. in charge of Group #3) Lt. Donald Austin Sr., (currently retired), and FF\EMT Ken Burrell, (currently retired).


1909_BFD_Postcard.jpg (149575 bytes)1909_BFD_postcard_back.jpg (98128 bytes)This Photo is from a postcard dated 1909. It Shows Brockton Firefighters with a  LaFrance Steamer. Brockton Fire is a city of 100,000 bordering the Town of Holbrook. Brockton Fire operates out of 5 stations, with a Department Roster of  approximately 200 members.


1909_Chiefs_Shield.jpg (347688 bytes)This Fire Chiefs Helmet Shield belonged to, and was worn by  Chief Edroy W. Austin in 1909.