Group 4 Boat Drill

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holmatro demo 1.jpg (28312 bytes) Firefighters attend training sponsored by Holmatro Rescue Tools.holmatro 2.jpg (19644 bytes)holmatro 5.jpg (32621 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge

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Lt. McFadden preparing the Thermal Imaging Camera for use in a Live Burn Drill. New Firefighters were shown the various ways in which to utilize the camera. The Holbrook Fire department currently owns 2 of these camera's.



Roof Training.jpg (277855 bytes)Lt. Keeman on Roof Ladder, showing new firefighters the use of a roof saw in ventilating. This property was scheduled for demolition, and the owner donated the use of the property for two weeks prior to demolition to Holbrook Fire for training. 


DSC00013.jpg (77122 bytes)Holbrook Fire Lieutenant Bob Keeman Demonstrating Mass Decon. setup, during a on-duty training exercise.


wpe1.jpg (29628 bytes)FF Monahan trying to ease the minds of the new recruits about to use a survival suit for the first time.

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 FF EMT\P Campbell entering the water from the ice for the first time.


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wpeB.jpg (23330 bytes)save the tree.JPG (87361 bytes)The above series of photo's show Holbrook Firefighters training on Ice Rescue, with the Ice Sled.


Holbrook Fire congratulates FF\EMT Steve Duggan, FF\EMT John West, FF\EMTP John Holland, and FF\EMTP Dale Campbell upon their completion of the Flashover Training Course conducted at the Barnstable County Training Facility. This was an 8 hour, hands on training course, using a flashover simulator, as well as other live fire evolutions. These Firefighters attended this training course on their own time.